How a magnolia tree made my dream come true

It’s been 16 years ago since my first magnolia spring. You must have heard of Zagreb. You must have heard of the most beautiful Advent in Zagreb. But I bet you haven’t heard of the most beautiful springtime in Zagreb. I come from a small town with only one alley – chestnut alley. This alley was so beautiful, indeed. I used to walk down the chestnut alley every day to school and back. I loved it. My friend and I would stand for an hour or two chatting in the shade of one special chestnut tree. Many secrets were whispered there. You must understand why I loved this alley, it was all I knew. But then, suddenly, I was 19 and moving to Zagreb to start with all this psychology stuff. The autumn was beautiful. All those red leaves, such a joy for my eyes. I love red. And yellow. And all the shades of autumn. But autumn was gone and the Christmas was on it’s way. It was Christmas before Zagreb had award-winning Advent. Oh how I loved Advent in Zagreb. Love can’t be the right word for this feeling. It was something more.

Magnolia tree and my first spring in Zagreb

But then, the spring came. My first spring in Zagreb. And all those magnolia trees all around. Oh how happy my heart was! My heart was ready for the love of my life. 50 shades of pink knocked me down. And then he came, exactly 16 springs ago. He came and took my heart away. Then he broke it into two pieces and these two pieces of my heart live outside of my body. One of the pieces is a teenager, so you can imagine my sorrows.

Dream come true

Anyway, let’s go back to magnolia. I left Zagreb and all of it’s magnolia trees. I left those streets I loved, all the alleys and parks… Luckily, I had a place in my garden to plant magnolia 5 years ago. I might have guessed that if there is not one single magnolia tree in the area, it could be impossible to grow them in my garden either. But hey, I tried. I am not much of a gardener, I must admit, but this year my magnolia bush (let’s not complain!) gave me around 50 flowers. And it still has more to give! It means it is not impossible. I have magnolias in my garden. I made my dream come true.

Have you ever tried to make your dream come true? Have you ever dared to dream?


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