How to stop smoking NOW

I know. You can stop smoking whenever you like. Have you tried? Yes, of course. That one time when you succeeded, you proved you can…. but you don’t actually WANT to stop smoking. If you wanted, you could. Or you tried to stop smoking too many times and you are still looking for the right way. What would you do if I told you that you can stop smoking NOW – for free!?

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I am sure you tought of hypnosis. Maybe you even tried it. I have to admit, medical hypnosis is the best technique for several psychological problems. I saw too many amazing results doing medical hypnosis after I got certified as a clinical hypnotherapist in one american school of hypnosis. I love how hypnosis effectively deals with panic attacks, nocturnal enuresis, fears, night mares. Many certified hypnotists and hypnotherapists claim they have the best results with smoking. What would you say if I told you I’d give you this program for free? Yes. Not joking. I love helping people to solve their problems, especially when they affect health.

Psychology of smoking

Yes, you were right. There is a catch. Before you get this free program, you need to follow pre-steps. Maybe you are wondering why would you need pre-steps if hypnosis is so effective. Just keep reading. I will explain the psychology behind smoking.

Try to remember why and when you started smoking. Most smokers started smoking when they were teens or young adults. Many of them say they started smoking as students. The important thing is why people started smoking. For some teenagers, smoking was just a way to rebel their parents or a wish to conform with their peers, to be the part of the group. Teens mostly wanted to look cool. Students often say they smoked to calm the anxiety or it was just a way to socialize with their friends. Some even say they need a cigarette to concentrate on studying or to relax.

Maybe you are thinking that it is the same whether you started smoking to look cool or to calm anxiety, but it is not. It actually says something about you and why you couldn’t stop. First of all, smoking does not calm you down, it does not reduce anxiety. Nicotine can cause and not reduce anxiety. Nicotine stimulates the pleasure centers in your brain, mimicking dopamine. Your brain starts links nicotine use with pleasure. Smokers also report pleasure of smoking, as they enjoy the sensory and tactile components of smoking.

If your reason for smoking were friends and socializing, then your brain associates good feelings that hanging out with friends provokes, with nicotine use. Your addiction is not just chemical addiction. Emotions involved in this addiction are the root of the problem with smoking cessation. You can’t stop because it is not just nicotine that you need. You need emotions your brain once assocciated to nicotine. That is why hypnosis is so effective in dealing with this problem. It aims directly at your subconscious mind, where the problem is. It aims at your emotions, your beliefs.

The other important fact is that smoking is a habit, too. And you can’t simply give up on a habit. But you can reverse a habit. You can adopt a good, healthy habit instead of smoking. In hypnosis we often use habit reversal training, which is a behavioural technique. The first step is to become aware of when you smoke. You need to realize what it is that triggers you to light a cigarette and the next step is to find out why. As I have said, you need to find a new habit to replace smoking, that will be as rewarding for you as smoking. Then you must perform the new habit each time you feel triggered to light a cigarette. It could be drinking water or tea, breathing, walking, drawing, or knitting. It is your choice. When doing a group hypnosis, I mostly choose drinking water to replace smoking, as drinking more water can only be healthy for you, and it is good for everyone.

Stop smoking with hypnosis for free

There are two ways to stop smoking. The first is abruptly quitting and the other is gradually quitting. The most smokers try to stop by gradually reducing the amount of cigarettes, but the studies proved that these are less likely to quit than those who quit abruptly. This is why I do hypnosis in only one, long session.

To go back to habits, it is known that it takes 21 day to form a habit. This has been very useful in hypnotherapy. I always explain my clients the importance of listening to audio session at least 21 day in a row. I guess some of you are rolling your eyes now, but if you really want to change something, this is an important thing to do – 21 day in a row.

If you really want. That is the other problem with smoking cessation. Most of the smokers do not really want to stop smoking. Be honest to yourself. Smoking is bad for your health, but there are secondary gains. You need to be clear with yourself – you want to stop. And you want to stop now. Then you come to me. If you want free hypnosis cessation session, send your e-mail to I will send you free hypnosis session.

Pre-steps you need to make:

  1. Throw away ALL of your cigarettes. Don’t put them away or give them to your family members. If you do that, you don’t want to stop as you are preparing yourself to take the cigarettes back. Throw them AWAY, where you can’t get them back. Don’t leave one single cigarette.
  2. Throw away all of your ashtreys, clean your car (if you smoke in it).
  3. Ask your friends and family not to give you their cigarettes no matter what you say.
  4. Leave a glass (bottle) of water wherever you used to keep cigarettes, so that you remember to change the water for cigarettes, as it will be suggested in hypnosis.
  5. Be prepared for smoking cessation effects. You will be irritated, cranky, mad, anxious, restless, maybe you will feel a little depressed or unable to sleep. Maybe you won’t be able to think clearly as you will be focused on smoking – and all of this will culminate in few days or few weeks (3-4), but it will pass.
  6. Always remember why you stopped smoking.
  7. Think of it in positive terms – I love to be smoke-free, I am becoming healthier, this craving will soon be over.
  8. Think of yourself as a non-smoker and not smoker or ex smoker. You are now a non-smoker.

Are you ready?


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