How my 12 year old celebrated birthday in quarantine

My birthday way 5 days ago. I didn’t have a party, I didn’t go out with my friends. Still, it was a great birthday for me. My children woke me up around 6 a.m. giving me their drawings and birthday cards and after I said it was too early to get up, they left my bedroom saying “your coffee will get cold”. Well, I had to get up to drink that coffee. I didn’t write my papers that day, I didn’t read students’ papers, I didn’t even analyze clients’ profiles on my birthday. It was Sunday and I decided to rest the whole day. I must say, it was an extraordinary day for me.
My husband’s sister Anamarija brought me brownies. She bakes great cakes. But she is even better at decorating cakes. I don’t know what would I do without her.
My daughter was born on May 1s, exactly on midnight. She was born in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world – Split, Croatia. My husband worked there at the time and our girl was lucky to live at the seaside for some time. We used to paint on our balcony, watching the Adriatic sea.
She is the kind of person who is very lively, asking for constant attention, but also extremely friendly. She has friends wherever she goes. I always need to put a limit on a number of friends she is allowed to invite on her birthday party. We also make girl parties, as boys would double the number! She always wants to party with them at home. We live in a small village, but there are a lot of kids living here. Besides her neighbours, she invites only the best friends from her class at school, the best ones from music school and one or two of those who go to taekwondo with her. Then we have at least 15 invitees. They have so much fun and the party goes until late in the night. In the end, I usually drive home all of those girls. My daughter has great friends and I am proud to say they are all very humble and grateful for the small gifts they give to each other. They don’t mock other kids about how this or that girl dresses, what kind of hairstyle they have or if clothes are branded or not. They enjoy laughing, playing volleyball, talking or taking cool photos together. They sing and hug and always give compliments for the cake I make, even when it is falling apart. Amazing kids.

I decided to make a tartuf cake this year and to put some simple decoration on it. I knew my sister in law will give me a hand, as I have two left hands. My daughter was about to celebrate her 12th birthday without her friends for the first time. She was sad, but she was so thankful when she saw me mixing 8 chocolates. She said: “Thank you. You are putting so much effort in it. You are making such a big cake with all this coronavirus stuff going on.” I don’t know why she taught that making a cake is special during corona-time. None of us was left jobless, none of us got sick. Still, she was grateful. I ordered karaoke for her, as she loves to sing. She sang for us. We had a short photo shooting with the cake and her little brother, grandparents and aunt (they live in a house next to ours and we are together every day). Of course, my daughter and her daddy couldn’t stay still while taking photos even this year, so there is no photo where we all look good – again. But I will print only those where I look nice anyway 🙂
She was not too happy not having her friends, but we had a cake, candles, karaoke. We played games and ate the bar-b-q. I miss those big celebrations I planned for months and hated one day before they happened. I miss my kid ignoring me because she has a more interesting company. I hope we will have a party when all this ends and kids can hang out together again.
How did you celebrate your child’s birthday during the quarantine?


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