I can see you, I can hear you (Therapist’s stories)

Once a woman came to my therapy. This woman was exhausted by many health problems – asthma, dermatitis, gastritis, diabetes, migraine, back stiffness …
My mother, a psychiatrist, used to tell me – when someone says his all body is in pain, trust me, it’s his soul that is in pain… so I noticed that all her problems started about two years ago.
In the middle of that story about numerous pains, I asked her what happened two years ago, to which she paused for a moment. That is when she said she had a stillborn baby two years ago but that it had nothing to do with today’s pain. She said she never even cried for the baby. She said she took it well. Her husband and daughter came to pick her up at the maternity hospital, and she took her daughter by the hand and walked away.
And then she stopped.

A moment of insight, without me trying to convince her that somewhere inside there is a huge sadness that she had suppressed two years ago and that sadness must have erupted. It exploded on all the wounds that that child had inflicted on her. She apprehended it herself after just one of my questions – what happened two years ago?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Therapy can be truly painful for both the client and the therapist. I had to safely introduce this woman to the grieving process and lead her safely. It was only during therapy that she began to cry but as she mourned for her stillborn child her mental wounds slowly healed and her physical ailments gradually disappeared.
Repressed emotions destroy both soul and body. Direct them to something good. Run out your anger, sing your pain, dance your happiness, paint your longing.
There are no good and bad emotions, only pleasant and unpleasant, constructive, and unconstructive. But every emotion can be useful to us when we know how to shape it.
Shape them into a good and fulfilled life.


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