What is hypnosis and how can it help?

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Hypnosis is a state of altered consciousness and increased suggestibility. It has been present for a long time. The name hypnosis comes from the Greek word for sleep (Hypnos), although the state of hypnosis is different from sleep.

In different cultures and religions, hypnosis was called by different names, so there were and still are different ways of introduction into a hypnotic state such as singing meditative chants, drumming, or performing monotonous dance rhythms. Druids, Vikings, Indian Yogis, Hindu sacred and holy fathers of all religions have successfully used such methods for centuries. What we call hypnosis today can be found in both the Bible and the Hindu Vedas.

In the 18th century, physicians began to turn to hypnosis again and use it for medical purposes. The greatest contributions were made by Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, Dr. James Braid, Dr. James Esdail (over 2000 surgeries under hypnosis during which patients…

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