What women want

Perfect Yourself

Listening to the comments of today’s young men and women, we can conclude that men choose only silicone beauties, while women choose men who are well-off, drive a good car and have a comfortable life. But the reality is not so black and white. Do you really want to know what women want?!

Surveys involving respondents from 6 continents – specifically from 33 countries representing all major racial and religious groups, as well as political systems, from the poorest to wealthy individuals – showed that personality traits are crucial in choosing a long-term partner! Mutual attraction or love is the most desirable characteristic that is considered essential by almost everyone in the world. Immediately after, personality traits proved to be the preference for choosing a partner in humans, with the most significant ones being judged reliable character, emotional stability and maturity and comfort. Other important personality traits are sociability, grace…

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