Good psychotherapist, bad psychotherapist

Perfect Yourself

When the moment comes when you recognise that you can no longer fight a problem and need to find a professional to help you, you need to realise what you are looking for.

Trustfull and dedicated psychotherapist

The first of all, of course, you must trust your psychotherapist, psychologist, a psychiatrist. This has to be the person to whom you can discover whatever is upsetting you, and perhaps even some of your long-repressed sorrow. Next, but not least, you need to feel that this professional is sincerely committed to working with you. If he or she has been answering the telephone or even chatting for a while during your session, this may not be the person whose engagement can be talked about. The third, also very significant, is that your therapist encourages you to be independent, not addicted to himself and his help and guidance.

Good psychotherapist gives you the…

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