Stress management

Perfect Yourself

Everyone talks about stress, but rarely someone knows how to manage it. We become overloaded and our emotions burst. Some people get ill, some involve in non-constructive behaviours like smoking or drinking, some get depressed. Wouldn’t it be astonishing if we could learn how to manage stress – if we could all become stress managers?!

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Stress is a health epidemic of 21st century

The World Health Organization proclaimed stress as “a health epidemic of 21st century”. Even Aristotle and Hippocrates were aware of stress and its adverse effects. Notwithstanding, there is no consensus among experts about the final definition of stress. We can simply say that stress is a state when there is a pressure on an individual, which he can’t handle at the given moment – when the situation is too demanding for individual’s resources to cope with it. What is important to understand…

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