Crying – 5 facts you need to know

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Photo byLuis GalvezonUnsplash

  1. Why do we have tears? As I always want to point, there is reason for everything. Evolution made us cry for a good reason. Actually, we cry for 3 different reasons: basal tearsare those that clean and lubricate your eyes, keeping our eyes healthy. When we peel onions or if we have problem with pollen or bacteria, we cry reflex tears. The function of reflex tears is to cry out whatever got in. Emotional tearsare the ones that come with emotions. Evolutionary biologist Oren Hasson suggested that we may have used tears to protect us from predators by making it harder to tell where we were gazing or to show others that we were vulnerable, that we would prefer to make peace.
  2. Are sad tears salty? Emotional tears differ from other kinds of tears by their contents. Theycontain more epinephrine and…

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