Do you have scars proving that love hurts?

Perfect Yourself

Looking historically and confirming our views with countless studies, we concluded that men are more physically aggressive than women (e.g., Vlašić and Ivanišević, 2017; Larsen and Buss, 2008). Men are the most common perpetrators of violent murders and aggravated robberies.

Violence against women exists in all cultures. The statistics are devastating. But it is even more shocking when we know that these are REPORTED cases while the number of unreported cases is even 10 times higher! There are various reasons why violence remains unreported. Among them are fear of the perpetrator for himself and the person the victim loves, feelings of guilt and responsibility, shame, misunderstanding encountered by the victim, feelings of helplessness, etc.

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The most important thing you need to know about an abuser is that he acts like a completely ordinary, normal person. There is generally no indication…

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