What do influencers do to our children ?!

The term influencer defines as a person or group of persons having a particular influence. In business English, the word influencer means those who can influence business decisions because of their reputation, position, or connections and whose opinions and actions are of greater importance. Lately, the influencer has become an occupation. I want to share my point of view about influencers and their effect on our children, from the psychologist’s perspective. Continue reading What do influencers do to our children ?!

Children who were not born

Losing a baby, no matter how early during pregnancy, is as real as the sadness it leaves behind. Miscarriage is a surprisingly common case – as many as one in five confirmed pregnancies end in miscarriage. Experts believe that most women lose a baby before a woman becomes aware of the pregnancy at all. But if you were looking forward to a positive pregnancy test and experienced a loss a few weeks or months later – you are deeply and painfully aware of what happened. Continue reading Children who were not born

Frida or – About Pain

The term “pain tolerance” refers to the strongest pain an individual can suffer. People differ from each other so much in their characteristics – from visual strength, muscle strength, hearing to music, so there is no reason not to look at pain tolerance in the same way. Each of us can endure a certain amount of pain – someone can endure more pain, someone can’t. Therefore, we cannot talk about the same experience of pain at all. Continue reading Frida or – About Pain