Fear of madness

most people with some of the disorders from the anxiety spectrum (panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.) are deeply worried or afraid that they will go crazy, ie that the symptoms they have will turn into something even worse. The reason is that the symptoms of panic or obsessive thoughts or the severity of anxiety can be so intense that it seems crazy, they already have a movie scene in their head taking them to psychiatry and the like.
Excessive fear of this kind can affect daily life and its quality. Quality of life is impaired because the fear of insanity can prevent an individual from leaving their home or keeping a job, withdrawing from society, and can become depressed. Continue reading Fear of madness

I am not what happened to me, I am what I decide to become

What therapists hear from adults: I don’t have trauma, my childhood was great! I can do it all alone, I just need to be positive. I had a traumatic childhood, but it made me stronger. …said by too many people… Maybe you think that if you weren’t sexually or physically abused, you were not traumatized as a child. But still, there are “t” traumas and … Continue reading I am not what happened to me, I am what I decide to become

What is hypnosis and how can it help?

For positive change to occur, a person must be aware of the need for change, motivated to “recover” or progress and to believe that he or she can achieve the goal. Therefore, to bring about positive change, hypnosis is used to bypass the negatively oriented conscious mind by giving suggestions directly to the subconscious mind – which always listens and always pays attention, and eagerly awaits instructions on how to help in the best possible way. Continue reading What is hypnosis and how can it help?