How can a psychologist help your child

Every parent comes to a stage when their child displays indications of anxiety, depression, or they manifest behavioural problems, problems with hostility, impulsiveness, or obstacles at school. Maybe your child bites nails. Perhaps he or she is too shy or with no self-confidence. Some children have a limited number of friends or spend considerable time online. Sometimes your child fears dogs or has nightmares, and sometimes a child is a victim of bullying or a different sort of abuse. Sometimes children have a problem with night wetting. Sometimes they mourn after the loss of a close person or a pet. Children go through diverse stages during growth. Their development could be unique, but at the same time, it follows some rules. If your child has issues, and you feel overwhelmed and unable to help your child, be aware, psychologists and psychotherapists are there to help. Continue reading How can a psychologist help your child

How does stress affect babies in our bellies?

A satisfied mother is the foundation of happiness and health in children. The mother has to take care of herself to be able to give the maximum for the children. Stressful situations cannot be avoided, but you can learn to look at them differently and teach the body not to react excessively to stress, or teach the body to recover faster after stressful situations. Continue reading How does stress affect babies in our bellies?

What do influencers do to our children ?!

The term influencer defines as a person or group of persons having a particular influence. In business English, the word influencer means those who can influence business decisions because of their reputation, position, or connections and whose opinions and actions are of greater importance. Lately, the influencer has become an occupation. I want to share my point of view about influencers and their effect on our children, from the psychologist’s perspective. Continue reading What do influencers do to our children ?!